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Attend this webinar live on Monday 13 April, 2020

12:00 Midday AEDT

How to Turn Your Client’s Next Holiday or Business Trip into a Service You Offer

Most people hate packing, whether it’s for a business trip or a holiday. Plenty of us are really bad at it – either over packing and hauling way too much with us, or underpacking and forgetting the necessities.

As an image consultant, you can really help your clients by planning their packing with them, so they end up taking what they need and not needing to hire an extra car for their luggage (yes I’ve had clients who did this).

In this webinar you will get all my tips and experience on packing including:

  • Weather matters
  • Your Client’s Style Standards and the questions you must ask them
  • Variety Needs – are they a mood dresser or happy to wear a small capsule?
  • Washing Facilities – how often will they be able to wash their clothes? How does this impact on how much to pack?
  • Local Culture- researching the local culture needs and requirements
  • Daily Schedule – a simple daily schedule that tells them what to wear
  • Creating Outfits or a Capsule – putting it all together
  • Don’t forget the Accessories
  • Documenting Outfits so they know what goes with what
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