6 Small But Important Things That Improve Your Customers’ Experiences Online

What makes a great experience for you when you’re dealing with a business?

It can be simple things, like that you are not kept waiting and your appointment starts on time, or just being acknowledged with your name.

And of course, you want to give your clients great experiences when they are having their consultations with you.


How about online?  What about people who are not yet customers but you are inviting in and hope to convert to become your clients?

What can make their online experience with you even better?

  1. Personalise your emails and other communications.  With modern mailing software you can put their firstname through an email easily.
  2. Made a video for an online course or for a blog post?  Make sure there are speed controls on there, so people can slow it down or speed it up so that they are in the driver’s seat.  You will find that those who speak a different first language may want to slow down your speed to better understand what you say.  Others who process information more quickly may want to speed it up so that it takes them less time to get through the information.
  3. Make sure you always put a time zone event converter into emails or into the information you share in social posts where you are informing people of the time you’ll be going live, or running a webinar etc.  People in other countries may not be aware of what your time zone means (what is EST or AEST anyway?).  Not only should you write the time (such as Going Live 9am AEST – Melbourne, Australia) including city/country as you can’t assume everyone knows what the time zone means.  Add in a time zone converter.  You can easily create an event using https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedform.html and when someone clicks on the link it will automatically convert the time to THEIR time zone.
  4. Keep in regular contact with your email list with useful content.  Whether you have 4 or 40 000 people on your list, if you don’t keep in contact that list grows cold quickly, you need to make sure that people remember why they gave you their email address in the first place.  Email at a minimum, monthly, preferably once a week or once every two weeks, to keep yourself fresh in their minds.   Make sure what you send is useful and valuable content, that way you keep your email list engaged and interested in what you have to offer.
  5. Go LIVE on Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In, or YouTube (wherever your clients hang out) regularly.  Answer their questions and if they have given you their name, use it when answering (they are so appreciative of this).
  6. Post regularly on your social channels – think about how you can start a conversation with your audience, increase your credibility and show your expertise, create a feeling of connection with your ideal clients, build a community around what you help people with, and of course, convert them to your services and programs.

What are you going to do to improve your online customer experience?

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