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Colour Module 1: Colour Analysis Theory

Online Training

Are you fascinated by the power of colour?

If you love colour and can see how much of a difference it makes when people wear their best colours, then becoming a colour consultant could be something that you’re born to do!

Learn how to do personal colour analysis with one of the most innovative and modern colour analysis systems – the Absolute Colour System which has 18 colour directions that suit every skin tone, colour and complexion and a completely new way of naming each colour palette (not seasonal names or tonal names, but instead, names that relate to the feeling of the colours).

Our Certified Colour Analysis Training is broken up into two modules:

Module 1: Personal Colour Analysis Theory – this module is a prerequisite to complete Module 2

Module 2: Personal Colour Analysis Draping Practical – this module INCLUDES your colour drapes and swatches plus VIRTUAL drapes so you can do colour analysis in person and online

Go at your own pace

Start this distance learning program when you choose, the minute you sign up your course will be ready and waiting for you to start.

Module 1: Personal Colour Analysis Theory

This comprehensive online colour theory training course includes:

  • Basic and Advanced Colour Theory
  • Munsell Colour Properties of Hue, Value and Intensity
  • Colour Undertone and Overtone
  • How Colour Changes with Age
  • Simultaneous Contrast and Applying this Theory to Personal Colour Analysis
  • Science of Colour Selection for Accessories
  • Hair Colour Selection
  • Glasses and Jewellery Colour Selection
  • Psychology of Colour
  • Colour for Business Dress
  • Your Colour Personality and How it Influences Colour Choices
  • Signature Colour Selection and Swatch Personalisation
  • Colour and Value Contrast and Selection
  • Understanding the Absolute Colour System of 18 Directions

The Online Colour Theory module does not include colour drapes and tools.  This is included in the Practical Colour Analysis Draping Module 2.

Once you have completed Colour Module 1: Online Colour Theory you can then move on to Colour Module 2: Practical Colour Analysis Draping. To find out more about this module click here.

Course Delivery


Course Materials including: Videos, Manuals, Assessments and Quizzes will be available via your online learning portal.  Manuals are digital files for immediate download.


3.1 CEUs

Approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) for 3.1 AICI CEUs.
Learn more about AICI CEUs here.

If you wish to earn AICI CEU’s you will need to complete the course within 6 months of handing in your first assignment

Course Duration

31 Hours

Course duration is approximately 31 hours of self-study.

Resources included in Module 1:  Online Colour Theory Training:

  • Comprehensive Full Colour 220+ page Personal Colour Analysis Training Manual
  • Online Colour Resources including Colour Guides and educational Videos.

Ongoing Training Support includes:

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“I have loved fashion since I was little and wooden clogs were fashionable the first time.  I enjoyed the color, the creativity, the expression of Fashion.  I saw dressing as an art not just a necessity, but as the ultimate place to make a statement.

I knew what field I wanted to work in “when I grew up”, Fashion Design.  I had an innate ability and could style decently and create better outfits most of the time.  Yet, I did not know the “why”-the how it all came together.  I started researching, looking for someone to train me in Color Analysis and Style in the early 2000’s.  I found no one.

Fast forward 18 years and I found Imogen Lamport and AOPI.  I found all the things I had been looking for and more: a Certified Image Professional, knowledgeable in her field, an innovator in this field and an excellent teacher.  The content of each lesson and each course is thorough.  Each lesson builds on the next.  My knowledge, understanding and ability increased substantially.

Imogen teaches information that is pertinent to the Image Consultant field of work in an understandable way.  I appreciated how each lesson included video and book explanations of each topic. The in person classroom training in Chicago was integral and allowed me to practice all of the coursework information I had learned.  Walking step by step through each process with Imogen allowed me to see it work and ask any questions I had before heading out on my own.  I so appreciated being able to do practice runs with clients with Imogen there to help and guide.  She was very good at letting me go but being there with wisdom and insight if I needed it.

I opened my Image Consulting business and enter each appointment prepared, knowledgeable and able to engage each client in an individual way.  I have made huge gains in Image Consulting that I attribute to the quality of the courses I took with Imogen Lamport and AOPI.  Everyone I meet comments on how knowledgeable and established I am in my field.  They see me as being pertinent and a holder of valuable information.  This is largely due to Imogen Lamport’s online training and courses through AOPI.  I am enjoying my Image Consulting path and I feel I am on good ground starting with Imogen Lamport and AOPI.”

Rebekah Floyd, Arizona USA

“I found the online Personal Colour Analysis and Practical Draping Training Courses to be very comprehensive and easy to follow. The courses offered so much more than I expected, covering the principles of colour theory, the psychology of colours and how to put it all together.

The training materials were easy to follow, giving me a clear understanding of the colour principles and colour draping. The assignments helped reinforce what I had learned.

I am a lifelong learner and update my skills and expertise regularly. I found Imogen to be extremely knowledgeable and an expert in Colour Principles and Personal Styling, she really does know her profession. The online one on one draping sessions were comprehensive, giving me the skills, knowledge and confidence to conduct colour consultations. She gave her time willingly, I never felt rushed and she worked with me until I understood what I needed to know. Nothing is too much trouble.

I look forward to continuing my professional development with the Academy of Professional Image with Imogen as my mentor.

I would recommend Imogen to all persons considering any training at her Academy”.

Jo Puplett, Adelaide, South Australia

“I have recently had the opportunity to take Imogen’s Women’s Advanced Style and Colour Courses. These courses were both incredibly rich and comprehensive in their content and Imogen’s style of teaching is clear and practical. Putting the knowledge to work through constructive exercises consolidated the material and Imogen’s feedback was always helpful. I feel equipped to work successfully with clients and assist them thoughtfully and skillfully with their personal colours and style.

I attended the Colour and Style Practical where I benefited tremendously from Imogen’s generous input and help through the sessions. Her balance of guiding and giving assistance while also stepping back and putting us in the driver’s seat gave me a lot of confidence to feel ready to move forward with my own business. Her continued guidance through the mentoring calls and assignments has also been tremendously helpful.

The training I received from Imogen is excellent and her input as a teacher has always been generous, clear and helpful. I would highly recommend her courses”. 

Joanne Peacocke, South Africa


Module 2: Colour Analysis Draping Practical

 6 Zoom (Video Conference) Sessions


3 Day Classroom

Practical Draping Training for Online Students

Available on completion of  Module 1

Become a Colour Consultant as you learn how to do the practical element of personal colour analysis.

This module adds practical draping training and knowledge to the Online Colour Theory Training (prerequisite: Online Colour Theory Course).   Plus it includes Your Absolute Colour System drapes and swatches for both in-person and online personal colour analysis – all the tools you need to do personal colour analysis – no licence fees or unexpected costs.


AICI CEU approved program

Please note that this course is accredited by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). However, certification earned through the trainer upon completion of this course is entirely independent from AICI’s certification programs. If you wish to pursue AICI certification, please refer to AICI’s website.

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