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Imogen Lamport AICI CIP

Imogen Lamport AICI CIP is a highly sought after international speaker, trainer, author and blogger of Inside Out Style and she wants to download her vast image knowledge into your head so you too can positively impact the lives of others.

With over 19 years as an image consultant and image trainer, Imogen is passionate about sharing the positive impact that taking control of your personal image can have on your life.  She knows that how you look impacts deeply on how confident you feel which has a roll-on effect to all aspects of your life.

Winner of the 2019 AICI Jane Segerstrom Award, Imogen is passionate about educating and empowering both her clients and aspiring image consultants to create a more positive image and have a greater impact for themselves and those they serve.

Having worked with thousands of clients both one-on-one and online, she sees daily the empowering and positive effects that colour and style create in their lives both personally and professionally.  She has many personal clients who travel to see her from countries as far away as Norway, USA and France, along, with local Melbourne corporate clients such as Knight Frank, Wella, Fosters Group, Accenture, and Fletchers Reals Estate.

Her encyclopaedic blog Inside Out Style has a large global following and it is there she shares down-to-earth style tips for women from all walks of life.  Demystifying fashion by teaching both the art and science of colour and style is her passion, as she wants style to be accessible to all.

Not only is Inside Out Style read by women from around the world with an interest in improving their own style, it’s also a go-to-source for image consultants and personal stylists globally who want to keep improving and updating their image knowledge.

An innovator in the image industry, Imogen is a leader in the field of colour and contrast bringing personal colour analysis techniques into the 21st century.  She is also one of the minds behind  16 Style Types – which for the first time ever, has intelligently linked psychological type with style.

In the past few years, Imogen has been a featured speaker at professional image conferences in the Philippines, USA the UK, Mexico, the Caribbean and Malaysia. Imogen is regularly sought by the media for comment on image issues.

Imogen also has a B. A in Communications and worked for many years as a publicist for Penguin Books Australia, organising publicity tours and providing media training for many internationally renowned authors such as Bryce Courtenay, Jonathan and Faye Kellerman and Stephanie Alexander.

For many years Imogen had been researching the how and why of clothing fit and style, so it was in early 2004 she undertook her image consultant training as she realised just how valuable this information is to so many women, like herself, who don’t fit clothing manufacturing standards.

She started running image and colour consultant training programs in 2006 when continually approached by aspiring personal stylists to share her knowledge. She has provided training programs for both the novice and many personal stylists and image consultants who had already trained with other companies but didn’t feel that their knowledge was sufficient or comprehensive enough to give their clients the best experience possible.

Even though colour and style consume most of her waking moments, Imogen loves spending time with her family (husband, 2 kids, 2 step-kids and two loveable whippets), and loves to drink champagne and consume delicious dark chocolate, read chic lit and binge watch Netflix.

Her aim is to provide the most comprehensive and advanced training programs for both the beginner and the established stylist


The Academy of Professional Image has a mission to demystify and teach the fundamentals of colour, style and image with an intelligent, concrete and in-depth approach that allows its graduates to grow and develop their own passion for helping others experience the powerfully positive impact of image.

Innovating Tools

In 2009 after years of being dissatisfied with other colour systems which didn’t work for the huge variety of colouring, Imogen Lamport created the revolutionary Absolute Colour System which has 18 colour groups, 9 warm and 9 cool which provides an easy and accurate solution for all skin tones including Caucasian, Asian, African and Oriental. She has also developed comprehensive Style Files to use with clients to ensure that the client’s goals and outcomes are met in every consultation.

The 16 Style Types team also developed a program for image consultants to use with their clients to help them understand their client’s personality more fully and how best to work with them.

International Recognition

In 2019 Imogen was awarded the Association of Image Consultants International’s most prestigious award, the Jane Segerstrom Award for her innovation in the industry celebrating her globally award winning blog Inside Out Style along with her innovative 16 Style Types.

Imogen was VP Business Development for the International Board of AICI 2012 – 2016 and has also served as President of the Australia/Melbourne chapter in 2006/2007, bringing the first image consulting conference to Australia in 2006. She has been invited to speak on multiple occassions a the AICI International Conferences as well as the Federation of Image Professionals in the UK on a variety of topics.

She achieved her AICI Certified Image Professional status in 2009 and all programs are recognised by the leading professional body AICI.


Thanks Imogen, I appreciate your personal training style with the focus being on the people, as opposed to a ‘product’. The training was both full of content and practical exercises. I feel I can achieve my goals as a consequence.

Melanie de Sousa – Distinct Image Consulting

AICI CEU approved program

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