Colour Module 2: Colour Analysis Practical Draping Training

3 Days or 6 Sessions via Video Conferencing

Colour Analysis Training is broken up into two modules.

Module 1: Personal Colour Analysis Theory

Module 2: Personal Colour Analysis Draping Practical – this module INCLUDES your colour drapes and swatches plus VIRTUAL drapes so you can do colour analysis in person and onlineAbsolute Colour System Logo

Module 2: Colour Analysis Practical Draping Training

 Get Your Colour Tools and Experience to Become a Colour Consultant

If you wish to learn how to drape in the 18 directional Absolute Colour System, you need to add the practical module to your Online Colour Analysis learning –  3-day practical draping training sessions in the Classroom, or 6 sessions via Video Conferencing

This additional module puts the theory from the Online Colour Theory course into practice and teaches you how to drape in the Absolute Colour System and certifies you to become a Colour Consultant and do Personal Colour Analysis.

This is a face-to-face training and is arranged on-demand either online or in the classroom in the Academy’s Melbourne Studio.

Either 6 video conference sessions with Imogen (dates scheduled with you) or

3 days in Classroom in Melbourne (dates scheduled on demand) Find out our next scheduled dates here

In Module 2 Colour Analysis Practical Draping Training your will learn:

  • How to drape using the Absolute Colour System tools
  • How to select your client’s best neutrals to as the base of their wardrobe
  • How to select hair flattering hair colours for your client
  • How to select signature colours from the client’s palette
  • Identifying ideal value for each client
  • Identifying colour and value contrast for each client
  • How to select flattering makeup colours for your client’s colouring and features
  • How to do a full colour consultation using the Absolute Colour System Colour Guides
  • How to use the online/virtual Absolute Colour System drapes to do online colour analysis

Module 2: Colour Analysis Draping Practical

 6 Video Conference Sessions


3 Day Classroom (Melbourne)

Practical Draping Training for Online Students

INCLUDES Absolute Colour System Draping Toolkit for both in-person and online consultations

Become a Colour Consultant as you learn how to do the practical element of personal colour analysis.

This module adds practical draping training and knowledge to the Online Colour Theory Training (prerequisite: Online Colour Theory Course).   Plus it includes Your Absolute Colour System drapes and swatches for both in-person and online personal colour analysis – all the tools you need to do personal colour analysis – no licence fees or unexpected costs.


Course Delivery

Face to Face: Via Zoom or In Classroom

This training is available either online with 6 Zoom sessions (homework in between each session) or 3 days in Classroom (Melbourne) – on demand


2.8 CEUs

Approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) for 2.8 AICI CEUs.
Learn more about AICI CEUs here.

Course Duration

28 Hours

If you wish to earn AICI CEU’s you will need to complete the course within 6 months.

Absolute Colour SYstem of 18 colour directions for personal colour analysis

Resources included in Module 2: Practical Draping Training

  • Complete Absolute Colour System Drapes  – 9 double sided drapes plus 3 doubled sided-neutral drapes
  • 18 colour swatches
  • Online virtual drapes for the 18 colour directions
  • Colour Guides for Men and Women for each of te 18 colour directions
  • Colour Draping Manual
  • Online Colour Resources including draping videos with both physical drapes as well as virtual drapes

Ongoing Training Support includes:

Get Started Now with Module 1: Personal Colour Analysis Online Colour Theory

Module 2 Investment



Payment Plans Available at Checkout

I would like to thank you again for this extraordinary experience of learning to do personal colour analysis with your online course. You are the number one when  it comes to colors and calling you world’s number one is not an exaggeration at all.

The practical part learning how to drape with you has great value. It is very good, you can teach us the methodology you developed, give us your tips and experiences. It is very good that you are skilled enough to adjust how photos/camera can cheat us and you can give us better training – even on distance – that
someone else would face to face………I also appreciate your system, because it is helping, but not limiting and many of my clients appreciated it already. Your system is accurate and flexible at the same time, which is great.

This is my advice for future students: Listen to Imogen, she is a great teacher and she knows what she is saying and why. Be open-mind. Maybe,
some information could be different from what you learn and how you used to work until now.

I get much positive feedback about the Absolute Colour System and my clients really appreciate it.  Jana Hejmalova, The Czech Republic

I have recently had the opportunity to take Imogen’s Women’s Certified Advanced Style and Colour Courses. These courses were both incredibly rich and comprehensive in their content and Imogen’s style of teaching is clear and practical. Putting the knowledge to work through constructive exercises consolidated the material and Imogen’s feedback was always helpful. I feel equipped to work successfully with clients and assist them thoughtfully and skillfully with their personal colours and style.

 I benefited tremendously from Imogen’s generous input and help through the practical sessions. Her balance of guiding and giving assistance while also stepping back and putting us in the driver’s seat gave me a lot of confidence to feel ready to move forward with my own business. Her continued guidance through the mentoring calls and assignments has also been tremendously helpful.  Joanne Peacocke, South Africa

I have taken the Online Style and Colour course in the Academy of Professional Image and I also took part in the practical in person with Imogen Lamport and I confirm that both courses as well as the practical were of excellent quality. I have gained much knowledge that enables me to be an expert on style and colour in my own country thanks to Imogen’s immense expertise and knowledge. Eva Robinson, The Czech Republic

Please note that this course is accredited by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). However, certification earned through the trainer upon completion of this course is entirely independent from AICI’s certification programs. If you wish to pursue AICI certification, please refer to AICI’s website.

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