Are You Fighting for your Limitations or Your Growth?

Let me ask you something.  Do you want to make a success of your image business or do you want it to fail?

That may sound like a stupid question, of course, you want it to succeed, but you may be the reason it will fail and it may not be the reason you think and it’s not the economy, or interest rates, or that people are getting their colours done by AI…these are excuses.

It’s actually your mindset that makes all the difference.

Do you tell yourself that you can’t do something?  That you’re not good at something?  That it’s too hard and you prefer to avoid it?

Then You’re Fighting for Your Limitations

For instance, let’s talk about technology… is this something that you don’t feel that you’re good at?  Do you talk yourself out of learning how to use technology to connect with your clients?  Do you shy away from tech, whether it’s doing virtual colour analysis consultations or just creating email autoresponders to send out a free lead magnet automatically or even a regular newsletter?

Maybe there is something else you tell yourself you’re no good at and you ignore it, I mean, if you put your head in the sand and ignore it won’t it just go away?

Well no.

Particularly not if you’re hoping technology will disappear.

I’m here to tell you that you need to embrace it and learn how to harness its power, and boy it can really do so much for you when you learn how to use it.

You have the choice, you can learn how to use it, or you can pay other people to do it for you as much as possible, but even if you’re doing that, you need to know enough about it to be able to talk to those technical people to explain what it is that you want the technology to do (and to even understand what it can do for you.

If you’ve decided that technology (or whatever you see as your nemesis) is just too hard, you’re actually fighting for your limitations.  You’re choosing to be limited and this will forever hold back your success.

You will fail if you fight for your limitations.

That’s right, it’s a formula for failure.

All limitations are self-imposed.  Nobody else, and nothing else is stopping you but you.

Instead, it’s time to fight for your growth instead.

When you do this you have a much greater chance of succeeding.

Look I get it.  Every time there is some sort of software update that means I have to learn how to do something again, I grumble and complain too, but I realise that it’s in my interest to learn how to do it rather than pretend it’s not happening, or just give up.

I’m not technical (many people think I am), it doesn’t come naturally to me, it’s just that I’ve accepted that it’s a part of modern life, and because I’m always keen to work smarter, not harder, I’m always looking to learn how to use technology better.  I have heaps to learn, and this is why I try and keep an open mind and a growth mindset.

For instance, I’m currently learning how to use AI (like Chat GPT) to help me create content faster and more easily, and I can tell you that it’s giving me hours and hours of my time back.  Sure my first attempts were pretty terrible, but as I learn how to use it better, I’m getting better results which means I spend less time creating this content.  Think you don’t have time to put out a newsletter each week?  Well, you do when you harness technology.

I’m always looking at how I can use technology to assist me, in automating processes where possible so that I don’t have to spend my valuable time doing them (or even pay someone else to do them by hand).

Technology is here to stay, so if you’re treating it as something you want to avoid, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

How to Fight For Your Growth

Each time you have to do something technical, that currently feels really hard, remember that every piece of software has instructions on how to use it.  So go to the website help centre (yes it will have one with heaps of tutorials on how to use the software), watch the videos on how to use it, then try it out.  Don’t throw your hands up in disgust, keep on trying.  These days there are lots of YouTube videos with instructions on how to do almost anything, use that resource to find out what to do.  Then, maybe write yourself some notes (this is called a process) on how to do it, or, what I love to do, take a screenshare video as you’re doing it, talking yourself through the process, and then you can refer back to this next time it needs to be done (or if you get yourself a Virtual Assistant, you can share your video or set of instructions with them).

If you’re not using a piece of software or technology every day it’s easy to forget the exact process, but I bet you’ve learned to use your phone and many apps on your phone.  Well computer programs are exactly the same.  Think of them in the same way and you can master them.

Whether it’s how to make a reel on Instagram, or making a screen share video to send to your client doing an online personal colour analysis, to using Canva to remove a background in a photo and then creating a whole new image, to updating the pricing on your website.  There are heaps of instructional videos and information out there to help you.  You just have to bother to look.  I too didn’t know how to do any of these things, but with the help of Google, I learned how.

That’s right – you have to look for them rather than complaining to others that you don’t know how, and it’s all too hard.  Being proactive is you fighting for your growth.

People who succeed find ways to overcome their obstacles, whatever those obstacles may be.   They fight for their growth, they want to get better at things that will assist them in succeeding.

Can you see the benefit of fighting for your growth?  Learning how to do what you think are the hard things (but you may be surprised that they’re not nearly as hard as you think)?

Then if this is you, I’m 100% behind you and on your team, I’m right here supporting you as you fight for your growth.

So you have two options, continue to fight for your limitations and fail, or choose to fight for your growth and succeed.  It’s up to you!

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