Emma Willmann

Emma Willman Statement Styling

Tell us what you did before image consultancy?

Before becoming an Image Consultant I had a career as a lawyer, specifically as a litigator and then criminal prosecutor.

What made you choose to become an image consultant? What drew you to it?

I was really interested in how image was so impactful in peoples confidence, success and satisfaction in life and I particularly loved colour analysis and the freedom from fashion that it offered.

What made you decide that it was time to do your training and take up this new career?

I had been toying with the idea of helping people with their style, colours and wardrobes for a while without realising that it was a career in itself! What helped me decide to retrain as an Image Consultant, was meeting an actual stylist and hearing about her career and how it was entirely possible to get paid to do what I already loved. It then took me time to research the industry and find the most reputable training as I highly value competence but it was a leap of faith to invest in the training, especially when I already had a family and a successful career as a lawyer.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about seeing clients understand the power of their identity and step into their purpose, using their image as a tool to get there. I love it when the penny drops and a client realises that everything about them, their personality, their features and their gifting is wired to help them thrive at a particular thing in life! They become incredibly powerful and effective and no longer see others as being in competition with themselves, rather, they use their superpower to help others and as a result, we all thrive.

Who do you most enjoy working with? How do you love to help them?

I love working with women but particularly love the opportunity to work with young women, to help lay a foundation of understanding about their unique beauty and strengths which will help them make great life decisions and avoid the pitfalls of comparison and lack of vision for the future. I help them by being a guest speaker, running workshops and most importantly, developing personal relationships where I can help equip them to see themselves differently.

How does having a good image help people in their lives?

The most important thing that a good image does in remind a person of their inherent worth, which has the ripple effect of allowing them to “show up” and interact with others in a vulnerable and powerful way. Secondly, it attracts people into your path that you need to achieve your purpose in life. I believe having an authentic image is not a cover-up, but a revealer of your true self, which allows others to connect with you and form meaningful bonds.

How can you help people create a more impactful and relevant image for themselves?

I think the 2 keys to helping people is to 1) Reflect on your inner identity learn to appreciate and quantify how you are different than everyone else and 2) take those differences and present them in an incredibly appealing way. The combined effect will put you on a journey of ever-evolving exploration and personal expression!

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Having previously worked as a lawyer, my calling has always been as an advocate. I originally thought that the most effective way to advocate for people was to fight their legal battles but I have been blown away by the way that working in Image Consulting allows us to advocate for an individual and it has been my experience that there is a far greater potential to affect someone’s life when you work with them in this setting. It can change the whole course of their life and give them a freedom that they would have never otherwise experienced!


Emma Willmann

Emma Willmann

Statement Styling

Bahrs Scrub QLD, Australia

0413 539 967


   Certified Advanced Personal Stylist and Image Mastery Women and Men
   Certified Advanced Personal Colour Analysis Training


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