Kris Villarta

Kris Villarta

Tell us what you did before image consultancy?

I worked in a Government company, in the IT department. I had always wanted to work in something related to art, visual image or creativity, and was interested in fashion and style only as a form of art and a way of expressing oneself. I was feeling like getting out of the office and trying a different kind of career, something that would help people some way.

What made you choose to become an image consultant? What drew you to it?

I found Imogen’s web by chance. I wondered why there were so many clothes unused in my wardrobe, and wanted to reduce that waste; so I started to research about minimalism and style. I didn’t want to own things that didn’t make sense or had a practical function for me, especially clothing; and very often I felt uncomfortable with the way I looked. Then I signed up for a program with Jill Chivers to learn about my shopping triggers and improve my shopping habits. Later I signed up for two programs with Imogen. I experimented and learnt a lot about style and about how to express my personality through clothes. When I finished the programs, I secretly dreamed of being an image consultant, but Imogen was based in Australia and I lived in Spain… it was complicated. Suddenly and by “chance” she programmed a training in London, a 2 hours flight from where I live… and I couldn’t ignore this opportunity! I knew inside that if I didn’t do it, I would regret it my whole life.

Never in my life had I thought about being an image consultant. But I could test, both in myself and the rest of the programs participants, how image could positively impact self-esteem, and how much that could help people to face life in a more confident way.

What made you decide that it was time to do your training and take up this new career?

The opportunity of training with Imogen could possibly not happen again for me. I had turned 50 recently and I thought it was a good milestone to try a new career.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about the positive change that happens in people when they feel good in their clothes, when they feel they are expressing their true self in a flattering way.

Who do you most enjoy working with? How do you love to help them?

I enjoy working with women who find difficult to dress their bodies, or to choose their clothes by themselves, maybe because nobody before helped them to understand the science behind style, or because they don’t have the tools to express their unique personality through the clothes they wear. I love to help them understand what flatters them and why, so that they can choose by themselves – and stop feeling that shopping and dressing everyday are terrible experiences, and enjoying the process instead (even with what they already own).

How does having a good image help people in their lives?

Your image speaks for you, and can help you feel more confident. You can then forget about clothes (feeling good inside them) and step out into the world and bring your unique personal gift to it.

How can you help people create a more impactful and relevant image for themselves?

Helping them to take the focus out from fashion and trends, and focus in expressing their personality instead; in who they are and how do they want to show up. Giving them tools to discern by themselves what flatters and helps them express themselves in their most authentic way.

Kris Villarta

Armonik Imagen Personal

Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain



   Certified Advanced Personal Stylist and Image Mastery Women and Men
   Certified Advanced Personal Colour Analysis Training

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