Susan Law

Susan Law

Tell us what you did before image consultancy?

I started as makeup artist and conducted training in the year 2001. I’ve been a makeup instructor in two different makeup academies before I converted myself as Corporate Makeup Trainer in the year 2008.

What made you choose to become an image consultant?   What drew you to it?

I found my bigger mission: to helps my country, Malaysia to “beautify Malaysian” after a 2010 Korea Trip when I realized the culture shock between Malaysia vs. Korea.

An opportunity opened to me in 2014 to attend a local image consultant – Image Train The Trainer after being Corporate Makeup Trainer for 7 years.

Formed my own IMAGINEER PROFESSIONAL IMAGE & GROOMING in 2016.  To provides my professional and services to my clients, I decided to fly all the way from Malaysia to Melbourne completed my Certified Advanced Personal Stylist and Image and Colour Mastery from Imogen Lamport at the Academy of Professional Image.

Personally, I felt that it was the right decision to upgrade my image management skills from the Academy of Professional Image in Nov 2016 and it really boosted my confidence.

What made you decide that it was time to do your training and take up this new career?

Being in this so-called Beauty Industry for so long. I reposition myself as an Image Engineer (IMAGINEER) rather just a makeup trainer after realized Image Management is much more informative, being able to work with the whole personal image,  not only makeup & hairstyling.

What are you passionate about?

I love beautiful things since I was a little girl. I am passionate about helping to transform people.

Who do you most enjoy working with?    How do you love to help them?

I enjoying by sharing my knowledge and experiences to the public, through media interviews about top to toe style, and from the inner to the outer you.  I also enjoy being on stage to inspire people to build their Personal Image ABC through my seminars, public image workshops or one to one image consultations.

I love to help people define their personal values and individual essence. To highlight their strengths or to camouflage their weaknesses. I believe everyone can be a superstar in their professional industry or even as a housewife if they discover their purpose and goals in their life.

How does having a good image help people in their lives?

A good first impression count. It’s important by having a positive self-image. It boost our physical, mental, social network, family, relationship, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Especially parents. I was conducting a PARENTING IMAGE ABC PROGRAM in China Chongqing to Yichang Yangtze River Cruise in 2018. It is one of my life achievements to teach parents and kids to build a good image while young.

I was invited by Cruise Captain for the welcoming ceremony dinner

How can you help people create a more impactful and relevant image for themselves?

I always listen to my clients. Understand their current situation and concerns. Propose and discuss how to help them design the most suitable personal image for their workplace and lifestyle based on their personality, professional, activities and goals.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

I always share my positive thinking and energy with people. I want to keep inspiring others. Leading by example to show people my personal branding coincides with my personal image. That’s the reason there is an “I” in my IMAGINEER’s logo.

“Inspiration is powerful, it isn’t easy but it is possible.”  This is my life’s fulfilment to help people by being an Image Consultant.

Susan Law

Susan Law


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+6019 2368111


   Certified Advanced Personal Stylist and Image Mastery Women and Men
   Certified Advanced Personal Colour Analysis Training

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