100s of Ideas for Your Newsletter

$19.00 AUD


In this webinar you will further learn the 2 elements to your image consulting business.

The first and most obvious is the understanding of science and art of colour and style with your clients. The other equally important component of a successful image business is communication and marketing.

Discover more from the following topics:

  • List the 5 steps to writing a great article
  • Easily find and develop a topic to write on.
  • How to find 100 topics
  • Present your material in a POWERful manner
  • Avoid the traps that can cost you money
  • List the 7 key mistakes writers make
  • Describe how to protect your IP
  • Show how to plan and layout your content
  • Use the acronym AIM for the media
  • Find additional uses for your articles.

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