Accessorizing Your Client

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How to help your client choose the right accessories for their personality and outfits

Adding accessories to an outfit is the easiest way to add detail to the portrait area, focal points, and a touch of personality. Accessories really are the icing on your Sartorial Cake and yet so many clients are scared of accessories and are not sure just how to use them to their best advantage. It’s time to demystify the art and science of accessorizing so that your clients can quickly and easily choose great accessories for their outfits every day (even when you’re not there to help them).

In this webinar you will learn…

  • How to help your client interpret their style recipe into accessory choices
  • How to work with your clients likes and dislikes with accessories
  • Which accessories work with each personality style
  • Understanding where your client’s life goals fit into their accessory choices
  • How to use level of refinement in accessory choice
  • How to use related shapes and lines to pair accessories with prints, patterns, necklines and outfits

Please note: to watch the webinar live you will need to register. Once your payment has been completed you will receive an email which includes the link to the live webinar registration.

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