How to Find a Never Ending Stream of Ideas for Blog Posts and Newsletter Articles and Create Amazing Content

$19.00 AUD


  • Do you struggle to come up with content ideas for your newsletters and the thought of writing blog posts horrifies you?
  • But you’re aware that to build an image business you need to create and maintain regular contact with potential clients, to keep you top of mind and to prove your expertise.
  • Yet it can feel daunting and like too big a task to keep coming up with new ideas for your website, blog or newsletter.

Discover the techniques Imogen Lamport has been using over the past 10 years that has helped her write thousands of blog posts on Inside Out Style.

Before Imogen started writing Inside Out Style in 2008 she didn’t consider herself to be any great kind of writer (and still doesn’t), but she has grown a large and loyal global following using the power of blogging that has helped her create a successful image business that has negotiated various economic financial crises that have seen many consultants falter.  Imogen sees her blog as her superpower in her ability to market her programs and services to a wide audience without having to “sell”.

In this webinar Imogen will cover:

  • How to easily find 100s of topics so you never have “blank page” syndrome
  • Finding your voice so that you position yourself as an authentic image expert
  • Using graphics, images, videos, photos as part of your blog/article strategy
  • The importance of headlines and structuring your posts for readability and SEO
  • Different kinds of posts and articles to consider
  • Keeping Google happy – adding SEO, tags and categories
  • Adding articles into your regular newsletter/ezine – what to do (and what not to do)

Blog posts and articles are a brilliant marketing strategy for both introverts and extraverts alike.  Writing quality content for your website and potential audience will help you cut through the noise and share your expertise, creating the proof that is necessary for many to decide to buy your services.


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