Hair Colouring for Personal Colour Consultants

$19.00 AUD


In this one hour webinar on providing the right advice for your client as part of their colour consultation, you will discover how to talk to your clients  about choosing the right hair colour and how they should communicate this with their hair colourist.

In this one-hour webinar you will learn:

  • Hair colour basics – the terminology of hair colouring
  • How to find flattering hair colours for your clients
  • How to tell a client that their current hair colour is not flattering
  • How to know if your client’s hair colour is wrong for them
  • How to talk to the hairdresser about getting the right colour

This webinar is a must for any consultant who does colour consultations as hair colour is an integral part of colour and grooming.  Unflattering colours will reflect onto the face and can make them look washed out and tired, or ruddy and flushed.

Your clients will appreciate your advice as many spend hundreds of dollars every few months on maintaining hair colour and they want to be spending that money wisely!

Adding hair colour advice to your colour consultations makes your consultations even greater value to your client.


Please note: to watch the webinar live you will need to register.  Once your payment has been completed you will receive an invoice which includes the link to the live webinar registration.

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