Ideal Value

$19.00 AUD


Ideal Value represents the best value range for your client. It is something that is often overlooked and works in harmony with value contrast in a colour consultation.

When working with your client’s ideal value you can help them take a generic colour palette and turn it into something that works specifically for them – a bespoke palette individualised for their colouring.

During this one hour webinar, you will discover:

  • What is ideal value?
  • How does knowing a person’s ideal value influence their overall wardrobe and signature colours?
  • How can you use ideal value to choose your client’s best neutrals?
  • How you can help your client create their best outfits
  • What proportion of any outfit should be in the ideal value, and what in the contrast
  • Where to go when bending the ideal value rules

Become the best colour consultant for your clients by grasping fully this important concept in personal colour analysis.

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