Makeup as Part of a Colour Consultation

$19.00 AUD


How to do it and what you need to know

Adding makeup to your colour consultation is an excellent way to add an extra revenue stream to your image business. Not only does it bring in extra income at the time of the consultation, clients continuing to purchase makeup spend more money with you over time which helps to grow your income.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to approach adding makeup to a colour consultation
  • Why doing a makeup session as part of a colour consultation is of great value to your clients (they want it!)
  • How to do a makeup session
  • Choosing a makeup line  – what you need to look for
  • How to sell the product without being pushy
  • How to organise your makeup so you can easily demonstrate colour properties
  • What you may need in your makeup sample kit
  • Don’t leave money on the table with your colour consultations by ignoring this fantastic income stream
  • Discover just how easy it is to do a simple everyday makeup with your clients that will have them leaving your consultation looking fabulous and feeling great (and wanting more!)
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