Managing Wardrobe Transitions

$19.00 AUD


Many clients come to see an image consultant at a time of change – it could be going in or out of the workforce, changing jobs or careers, retirement, maternity, weight loss or gain, change of hair colour, change of relationship status, change in location … the list goes on.

These changes come with lifestyle and wardrobe changes and it can be expensive to make these changes all at once.

This is where you, as an image consultant are such a valuable assistant to them to help them change their wardrobe to reflect who they are going forwards and helping them create a wardrobe that fulfills their needs at a budget they can afford.

From colouring to body shape and lifestyle changes, this webinar will give you tips and insightful and effective solutions to help you work with your clients through these life transitions.

All this and more in this 1 hour webinar.

Webinar will be recorded for later viewing if you can’t be on it live, or want to watch it at a time convenient to you.


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