Building Your Own Personal Brand in the Online World

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As an image consultant you’ve probably thought long and hard about your personal brand – well as far as what you wear goes.

You’re aware that what you wear communicates and that we all judge books by their covers (or people by their clothing and grooming choices).

You no longer leave the house without dressing in a way that expresses your personal (and business) brand as you never know if you’re going to bump into a client or meet a potential new client.  You’re always prepared on that front and you don’t want anyone to ever think to themselves “Wow, she really gives advice on what to wear for a living?” in a tone of disbelief.

You know that your personal brand communicates your value to the world, not only to your current clients but also to potential clients.  It’s important for your business for your personal brand to establish yourself as a leader and position yourself for success.

But how does your personal brand extends to your business?  Is it consistent in the online world as well as the offline one?

Why is it that cat videos on the internet get way more action than you do?

In this webinar, you’ll discover how to ensure that your personal brand extends into your online presence and ensures that it’s both consistent and shows your brand in a positive light.

You’ll discover:

  • How to develop your personal brand story
  • How to identify your unique selling point
  • How to choose the right online channels for your brand
  • What to consider when creating your social media content strategy
  • Tips for executing your vision to grow your personal brand

Take your business branding to the next level with a considered online strategy that marries up your values and personal brand with your business goals.

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