Personality of Colour

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One of the under-appreciated aspects of personal colour analysis is how the client’s personality influences what colours they wear and how they put them together.

Even with a personal colour analysis, it’s important not to group everyone who has a particular swatch into the same basket, and assume that they will all want to wear their colours in similar combinations or ways.   To truly assist your client in a deep way, you need to help them understand how their inner being influences their choices.

Understanding how personality and dressing styles influence the choice of colours from your client’s swatch will really assist your client in seeing the value in your consultation (and then telling their friends about how fabulous it was).

Discover more about:

  • Personality Dressing Styles Colour Choices
  • How to show your client options
  • How to include their contrast levels to harmonise with their personality

Learn more about how to find the colours for each personality dressing style in each swatch in this 1 hour webinar.


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