Choosing Prints and Patterns

$19.00 AUD


In this one hour webinar you will learn:

  • How do you decide which prints and patterns are the most flattering on your client?
  • How do you know which prints and patterns your client will be attracted to?
  • How do you interpret the personality dressing style of different prints and patterns?
  • What about the scale of the pattern? What are the guidelines for deciding on this?
  • Discover in this webinar the answers to these questions plus:
    • Choosing the ideal contrast of prints for your client
    • Finding the shapes of prints that work best for your clients features
    • Determining how a print or pattern communicates and therefore when different prints are appropriate for different occasions and environments
  • Plus discover the elements of the most slimming prints and patterns and how to change the apparent scale of a print so that your client can bend and break the print rules.
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