Marketing Your Personal Styling Business with Visual Media



Marketing Your Personal Styling Business with Visual Media – With the demise of Polyvore discover other options to use, creating images and marketing using visuals and video.

In this Webinar you will discover:

  • The options for finding images to use to promote your image business in social media and articles.
  • Good sources of free and cheap stock photographs
  • How to create your own image sets – like you used to on Polyvore- how to clip images from shopping websites to use in these sets and how to add them to documents, slide shows or blog posts.
  • Easy to use graphic design tools to create great social media memes and images
  • Tools to turn your blog posts into shareable video content

Image consulting is such a visual medium – using a variety of tools to create your own images to share that drive traffic to your website is such an integral part of your business marketing strategy.

Join Imogen live for this webinar on Monday 18 March, 2019 or view the webinar replay anytime.

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