The Perfect Fit

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How clothes fit impacts greatly on how good they look. Did you know that every single piece of clothing for characters on every TV drama are altered to fit the actor perfectly? They may purchase the clothes, but then alterations are done to make sure that when the actor moves, the clothes look good from all angles and the actor looks good too!

So what are the alterations that are most worth doing to make clothes fit and look more attractive? Why is it worth spending more money on a garment to make it fit well?

  • Discover what are the most worthy alterations to clothes you should recommend for your clients
  • Discover the most important fit points and how you can tell if something is fitting well, when it can be altered, and when it should be left at the store!
  • Find out what is worth spending money on getting altered and what is not.

The difference between looking Ok and looking great can be down to fit. The most expensive clothes in the world don’t look good when they don’t fit!

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