Your Ultimate Guide to Working with Colour Palettes and Colour Tools

$19.00 AUD


You’ve done a colour analysis and have given your client their colour palette – but have you also given them the knowledge to really get the most out of your colour consultation and using their colour palette to find the colours that work best for them?

In this 1 hour webinar Your Ultimate Guide to Working with Colour Palettes and Colour Tools with your Personal Colour Analysis Clients you’ll learn how to work with your client’s colour swatch to make it a truly personalized tool for them.  We will cover:

  • working with their value and colour contrast,
  • finding their signature colours
  • ideal value and showing them their ideal value for 60% of every outfit
  • showing them how to find the 50 000 colours that are great for them that aren’t in their palette
  • creating colour combinations to suit their personality style

You’ll also learn about using your drapes in your colour consultation as a learning tool after you’ve finished your draping and know their palette.

Plus how you can use the colour and value contrast tool to help you defined your client’s ideal contrast levels.

Many people don’t use their swatch correctly and limit their options.  Help your clients understand how valuable a tool their swatch is.

Create a customised experience for your client with their personalised colour swatch so they get the most from your consultation.


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