Style and Your Personality

$19.00 AUD


How understanding the 16 Style Types will give you a roadmap for working with your clients to help them define and create their authentic style.


16 Style Types provides a well-researched psycholgical framework for understanding how best to work with your clients.  It will let you know if you should be teaching them theory or demonstrating in the wardrobe.  Whether they want a big picture overview before diving into detail, or need a specific, detailed plan and set of steps to follow.

This webinar will help you understand the kind of language best to use with each type of client as well.  For example do they want you to be direct or subtle in your communication?  Do they want you to be fun or serious?

What you will discover is that by understanding the person and how they think and operate, you can adjust your consultations to make them more effective and valuable to your clients so they will become loyal and raving fans as you deliver them exactly what they want (which might be very different from what you think they need).

Style comes from the inside out, and understanding more about the 16 Style Types and how this valuable information is the key to unlocking your client’s style will change the way you work with your clients forever.


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