Dr Gina Kingston

Dr Gina Kingston

BeYouTiful Style

Canberra ACT, Australia

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I’m not a naturally stylish person. Growing up I was more interested in nature, sport and science than style. Then I learnt that there was a science behind style. This means that there are guidelines that we can all learn about and follow to be more stylish.  I started getting compliments about how I looked and getting more respect at work. That’s when I decided that I wanted to help other people too.

Great style is about expressing yourself through what you wear. BeYouTiful Style is all about understanding the guidelines and deciding which ones you want to apply so you can look beautiful, your way.  Confidence is critical to style and if something doesn’t feel right, you are never going to look your best in it.

A long-term family friend said that growing up, I was the last person she thought would be interested in style.  If I can learn to be more stylish so can you.

   Certified Advanced Personal Stylist and Image Mastery Women and Men
   Certified Advanced Personal Colour Analysis Training

Dr Gina Kingston

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