How Your Style Communicates Personal Brand

What’s a Personal Brand Anyway?

According to Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos, “A personal brand is what others say about you when you’re not in the room”.  It’s the impression others have of you, your personality, your competency, your credibility.  Your personal brand is unique to you and is a combination of your skills and experience and how you present yourself to the world.

What is great, is that you have the opportunity to have some control over what people do say about you when you’re not in the room.  Your style is the visual representation of your personal brand and what’s great is that you get to choose what you wear and how you want to use your image to communicate your personality which is integral to your personal brand.

These days recruiters and potential employers will search up candidates on social media as they want to get to understand what kind of person you really are (behind the CV) so realising that what you’ve put out on your own social channels is representative of your personal brand, and we’re not just talking about Linked In.  It can influence whether or not you get the job, the promotion, and many other sorts of opportunities that may come up in your work and personal life.

You meet someone new and they will make an impression of you at that meeting, but then also how often do you check out their social profiles to find out more?  Even if you don’t do this, others are doing it to you!  Presenting a consistent image in your personal life, your work life and social life will all add up to a more believable and credible personal brand.  The reality is, we all judge books by their covers.

Nobody is expecting you to dress the same for all aspects of your life, but having a thread that ties it together (this is one of the biggest benefits of having a style recipe that works for your whole life) will help you express a great personal and identifiable personal brand that presents you in the best light.  One that feels authentic and true to you.

To talk about the intersection of personal branding and personal style I was interviewed by Claire Bahn for her Powerful Personal Brand Podcast.

How to Use Your Style to Communicate and Express Your Personal Brand


Artwork for podcast Powerful Personal Brand Podcast with Claire Bahn

Listen to the podcast here

Understand How Your Clothes Communicate

One of the concepts I’ve written a bunch of posts about that helps you understand how your clothes communicate is Yin and Yang, it’s such an incredibly useful tool to help you identify the elements of design in your outfits (and your physicality) and are communicating and therefore how you’re being perceived.  You can use it to balance your physicality and personality, or just to decide how to express your mood of the day.  It’s a non-verbal method of communication that is so overlooked, and is so easy to apply to your style.

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