How to Use Speaking to Grow Your Image Business

$19.00 AUD


One of the easiest ways to find clients is to put yourself in front of an audience and speak to groups.

From networking groups to mothers groups, public speaking provides you with a fantastic platform to help you find the clients for you.

Whether you’re a novice consultant or experienced consultant this webinar will help you find:

  • The right groups to speak to for your niche
  • Topics to speak about and how to turn audience members into paying clients
  • How to get people at your presentation to sign up for your mailing list
  • Effective ways to promote your talks
  • How to get testimonials from your talks
  • How to get more speaking engagements from your presentation
  • How to get people to let you know about their interest in your services (and give you their contact details)

Before this webinar – why not think about the 3 top issues you hear from your clients and who is your ideal client (watch this webinar on defining your ideal clients if you’re not sure who they are).  This way you’re prepared to get into action and start creating great presentations to use with your ideal audiences.


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