How to Build Your Image Business with a Mailing List

$19.00 AUD


In this one hour webinar you’ll learn “The Why and How of Mailing Lists and Newsletters”.

Did you know that your mailing list and newsletter are two of your biggest business assets? What? You haven’t set on up one yet? Or there is no one or there are only very few people on that list?

So many new business owners ignore the power and potential of their newsletter and mailing list.

In this 1 hour webinar you will discover:
·  Why you must have a mailing list
·  Where and how to set up your mailing list
·  How often to email your list
·  What kind of content to email your list
·  How to set up your mailing list sign up forms (and where to put them on your website)
·  Q&A your mailing list and newsletter questions

This is for all aspiring business owners who want to create an effective direct marketing strategies to increase your client based.



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