8 Qualities of a Successful Personal Stylist

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How do you become a successful personal stylist?

Do you naturally have the qualities that will ensure you are one?  Or can you start developing them to lead you down the road to success in this fabulous career?

You’ll discover more about how Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP – globally award-winning image consultant and image trainer has become successful and how you can too.

Find out the 8 qualities you need to develop to ensure that you take the knowledge you gain in your image training courses and turn that into an amazing career that helps you empower people to be more confident so they look and feel their very best.

Imogen will share her over 16 years of experience and what she’s learned about creating a successful business (even as an introvert in this world that tends to give the spotlight to the extraverts).

All this and more in this 1.5 hour webinar.

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