Using Online Tools to Create Visual Images for Blogs, Books and Presentations

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Discover online tools to create social media and website images, plus images to use in presentations or ebooks, from photos to videos, and clothing sets to explain image and colour concepts.

In this webinar you will be shown how to:

  • Create simple videos either from blog posts, or just short videos with images and text that can be easily shared on social media channels
  • Create images with clothing and text to use in presentations, articles and blog posts
  • Create screencapture video to use on your website if you need to show your clients how to do something online
  • Use fantastic software that turns you into a graphic designer that allows you to make social media images and gifs, documents, web graphics and so much more (I use this every single day)
  • Use simple photo editing software to improve your images and add text to use on social media and in blog posts (or really anywhere you want to use them)

Image is such a visual medium that showing, rather than just telling, is such a valuable way of building an audience and showing your expertise!

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