How to Read a Client’s Personality Style Without Having Done a Style Consultation

$19.00 AUD


The faster you can really get inside your client’s head, and the more  you understand about their innate style preferences, from how they like to work, what kinds of clothing they want to be offered when on a personal shopping trip, or why some of their existing wardrobe choices doe and don’t work, will make your job as a personal stylist so much easier and more satisfying.

We all want to be understood, that is one of the great human needs. As an image professional your job is not to dress the client in the latest fashion, for the sake of fashion.  Instead, it’s to help that client express their inners self through their outer packaging (personal brand).

In this webinar Imogen will teach you tips and strategies she has used for over a decade that helps her gain a more instant rapport with her clients, and how the better you understand the 7 Personality Dressing Styles the easier you will find your work.

When reading clothes and the reasons for the selection of different elements of design in clothing and accessories, you will be given a shorthand, a secret language, into your client’s inner being.

This secret language will make any consultation easier to do as your client feels truly understood and you know so much more about who they are and what kinds of clothes and accessories they prefer to wear.


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